'Hard Knocks' Lands New York Jets

Rich Schultz/GettyImages

As soon as the Aaron Rodgers back-and-forth mercifully ended with a deal sending him to the New York Jets, speculation began to grow that Gang Green would be conscripted into Hard Knocks duty. Because, well, they have an extremely noteworthy quarterback now and everyone is curious about how all of that is going to work. It took some time but we have some resolution on that matter today as Adam Schefter was first to market with the news that, yup, the Jets will be on Hard Knocks.

Not only that, the cameras will be rolling at "full force" when the team reports to training camp on July 19. Full force! So it's going to be really loud with all the buzzing and whirring and whatnot.

People seem fairly split on what effect, if any, appearing on this show can have on a team. For our money, it really doesn't seem like a big deal in the moment because one gets used to cameras. Of course, the content can cause friction and bad vibes within the locker room. But it doesn't seem all that difficult to avoid any type of disaster.

Rodgers might like being on camera or may hate it yet with all that's on his shoulders this year it would be crazy to think he's going to do something wild and become a sideshow. Our guess is that he'll try as hard as he can to avoid being on more than is absolutely necessary and it will be a bit of a letdown. Would love to be wrong, though.