Adam Gase Jets Era Could Be Over Before You Know It

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles
New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles / Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

Adam Gase and his crazy eyes made quite the first impression on New York when they were introduced to the city that never sleeps during his introductory news conference back in January.

Somehow, things have gotten even worse than they looked back then.

Since that fateful day in January, when Gase's gaze became a bigger story than the substance of his words, the Jets have fired their general manager because of a reported rift with Gase, elevated Gase to interim general manager, gone 0-4 and scored two touchdowns on offense this season.

This week he compounded his issues by reportedly giving quarterback Sam Darnold every practice rep with the first-team offense even though Darnold wasn't guaranteed to play and wound up being inactive. The Jets started Luke Falk, who looked thoroughly unprepared with two interceptions and 120 passing yards.

This from a guy who came up through the ranks as an offensive coach.

Not all of this is Gase's fault, of course. The Jets have been decimated by injuries and their starting quarterback has been out for three weeks. But at the same time, for an offensive-minded coach to have a team that has scored two touchdowns in 16 quarters of play, that has to fall on his shoulders.

Most Jets fans didn't like the Gase hiring from the beginning. Reports have come out that he didn't like the Jets signing Le'Veon Bell, which can't have endeared him to his players. But worst of all, he's losing because of the thing he's supposed to be good at (offense). That won't elicit confidence in perspective players either.

The fact is the Jets look so bad this year that Gase's future in New York has to be considered tenuous at best. He's lost the fan base and he appears to have lost his ability to create a successful offense. At this rate, he might have also already lost his job as Jets head coach/interim GM too.