Jets Apparently Believe Derek Carr Can Be a Hall of Fame Quarterback

Derek Carr
Derek Carr / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The courting of Derek Carr officially began this week as the former Las Vegas Raiders QB visited the New York Jets. Carr would be a great fit for Gang Green if Aaron Rodgers doesn't work out. The Jets appear to agree wholeheartedly as Dianna Russini reported for ESPN yesterday that New York told Carr they think he can be a Hall of Fame quarterback if he wins in the Big Apple.

We do appreciate optimism around these parts, but, um... Really don't know about that one!

Carr would have to go on a run in the second half of his career the likes of which we've never seen in order to be a Hall of Fame quarterback. We're talking three Super Bowl appearances and two rings, at minimum, with an MVP trophy to boot. And that's just to sniff consideration at the Hall. The likelihood of him doing this in a league that is currently dominated by young quarterbacks (the oldest of whom is Patrick Mahomes at an ancient 27 years-old) is rather low. Especially for the New York Jets, a franchise that has not exactly been a fertile ground for quality quarterback play.

If this is New York's mindset then they will absolutely move heaven and earth to acquire an actual Hall of Fame quarterback should he see the light and demand a trade from Green Bay.