Jets' Three Best Quarterback Options For 2023

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The New York Jets entered the offseason with one objective above all others-- find a quarterback. Zach Wilson proved he could not provide even competent (much less good) quarterback play and pissed off everybody on the team in the process. Mike White had high highs but terribly low lows. Joe Flacco was also there. None of those names are ready to win like the rest of the roster. HC Robert Saleh has helped build a very good defense and GM Joe Douglas has done a great job finding good players to fill out the offense. All the team needs is a QB who will hit open throws and not turn the ball over and they're looking at the first postseason appearance for the franchise in over a decade.

Fortunately, this is a pretty good offseason to be in the QB business even if it'll prove mighty expensive. Here are the Jets' three best QB options for 2023 with the start of free agency one week away.

Aaron Rodgers

Duh. The Jets did not give Derek Carr a serious offer because they wanted to wait for Rodgers. The future Hall of Fame quarterback has not yet made a decision about whether he'll even play next year, much less ask the Packers to trade him, but signs are positive for Gang Green. Significant members of the organization flew to California to meet with Rodgers and emerged from the meeting "optimistic". They have all their picks and plenty of cap space. They also hired Nathaniel Hackett, Rodgers' old offensive coordinator, which is not a thing that should matter but it will be seen as something that matters so we must mention it. The scuttlebutt at this point in time suggests that if Rodgers suits up next year, it won't be for Green Bay, so the Jets are sitting pretty right now. This is the best possible outcome.

Jimmy Garoppolo

However! Nobody has a damn idea what Rodgers will really do. He may tell the Jets he wants to play for them then retire the next day. Smart teams have a backup plan, and Garoppolo should be that for New York. He is a perfectly fine quarterback capable of leading a quality roster to wins in great quantity if the situation is right. New York isn't quite as ideal as San Francisco was, because there is only one Kyle Shanahan, but it's as close as Garoppolo is going to find in this year's free agent market. Heading back to the AFC East guarantees Jimmy G a chance at winning while getting paid a handsome sum. No other potential landing spot can offer both those things, and Garoppolo is by far the best free agent QB available for the Jets by now. A natural fit for both sides and one that could prove fruitful.

Lamar Jackson

Jackson is not nearly as gettable as the options above and, in fairness, there are probably a few more quarterbacks who are more gettable than he. But this is about the best possible options for the Jets and Jackson definitely qualifies, now that he's more available than ever with the Ravens opting for the non-exclusive franchise tag. At only 26 years-old Jackson would crank open the championship window for this up-and-coming Jets team and keep it open for a while yet. His injury history is a concern when paired with the struggles the Jets have faced at the tackle positions on the offensive line, but otherwise he'd be the exact kind of talent New York needs to force themselves into the contention picture.