Aaron Rodgers Looked Disgusted With Jets After Scoreless First Half

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers /

Aaron Rodgers was in the news again this morning as reports emerged that the New York Jets quarterback would be medically cleared to return to live practice this upcoming week. While we'll have to wait and see if he'll come back to play with the team far, far out of the playoff picture (he won't), the Jets still played today and Rodgers was posted up on the sideline with a headset.

Things did not go well for Gang Green. The Miami Dolphins destroyed them in the first half despite missing Tyreek Hill, putting up 24 points in the opening two quarters. The Jets scored zero points, and it was worse than even that can convey. Taking sacks into account the offense accounted for a grand total of four yards. In two full quarters of football!

It was a heinous display and Rodgers didn't bother to hide his feelings about it while on the sideline.

That man is fed up with what he's seeing. And that makes sense! This is maybe the only situation from the last few years in which one could, dare I say, empathize with Rodgers. Watching his team struggle without him is whatever but they are doing a lot more than struggling. They are completely inept out there. At times it looks like they make us think about the age-old question of whether the best college team in the country could beat the worst NFL team. It's that bad.

Rodgers is straight-up not having a good time. Hate to see it.