Jesus Luzardo Broke His Hand 'Bumping' a Table While Playing Video Games

Jesus Luzardo pitching with a broken hand.
Jesus Luzardo pitching with a broken hand. / Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Jesus Luzardo started for the Oakland A's on Saturday against the Baltimore Orioles, giving up five hits and six runs in three innings. And he did it with a broken bone in his throwing hand. Luzardo broke a bone in his left hand while he was playing video games in the clubhouse ahead of the game. Luzardo now enters the pantheon of weirdest baseball injuries, this one a close cousin of former Detroit Tigers fireballer Joel Zumaya's Guitar Hero mishap.

The team's official story was that he "bumped" his hand on a desk. As one does while playing video games.

The fact that he pitched at all is kind of remarkable. Look how swollen his hand was on Sunday when he was placed on the 10-day DL.

This is yet another reminder that people need to keep their cool while playing video games. It's surprising that this isn't brought up more often when people talk about how bad video games can be for you. Look at that hand. That's just from a bump!