Jerry Rice Crushed Online for Disagreeing with Colin Kaepernick


Jerry Rice, the greatest receiver in NFL history, has spoken out about Colin Kaepernick’s decision to protest the National Anthem. It’s logical and sensible, just like Richard Sherman, Drew Brees, and many other players, so naturally, the liberals on twitter didn’t like it:

You’re never supposed to read the comments online; never read the mentions, either.

Colin Kaepernick got an important discussion started, but it faltered because he chose to go against the flag. Coaches agree. Players agree. Richard Sherman, one of the most thoughtful players in the NFL, said as much.

It’s early, but there are 1,500 players in the NFL. How many will follow Kaepernick’s lead this weekend? Or during week one?

Aside from the Kaepernick and the NFL, if you took the country’s temperature by dipping a toe into twitter, man, you’d think this country was in trouble. It’s as if you MUST pick a side, nuance isn’t an option. Of course there’s middle ground here.

Jerry Rice respects Kaepernick’s stance. Many do. I do. Jerry Rice didn’t like disrespecting the flag. I don’t either. Neither does Richard Sherman.

So where does that leave us? In a circular discussion going nowhere and getting nothing accomplished.

I’d never tell someone how to protest, but it feels like had he picked a different option, the discussion could be a lot more productive.