Jerry Jones Was in Shock After Watching Brett Maher Miss Three Extra Points


The Dallas Cowboys had a great first half against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their Wild Card game. Tom Brady was shut down, the Bucs were shut out and Dallas scored three touchdowns. The only problem is that Brett Maher missed three extra points. He missed the first two wide right and then overcompensated and pushed the third left. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones could not believe what he was seeing.

Truthfully, no one could believe what they were seeing. Jones and the Cowboys brought Maher back after he played in New Orleans last season and he made 50-of-53 extra points during the regular season. During Maher's first run in Dallas he had some kicking issues which made Jones admit the team didn't know if it was going in or not when he lined up for a field goal. Via PFT:

We really need to make our decisions based on whether we think we can score a touchdown or not. I remember very early on when I was first involved in the NFL and with the Cowboys, we didn’t want to spend anything, and we didn’t want to get bent out of shape over a kicker because we usually thought if it comes down to the kicker to win a game, that we weren’t going to do it. Rather than rely on that, just get it in the end zone.”

Looks like we're back at square one.

UPDATE: He missed another one. It appears this is all Jerry's box will be talking about.