Jerry Jones Presents Bizarre Analogy for Contract Negotiations With Star Players


The Dallas Cowboys have a lot of business to take care of in the next calendar year. Ezekiel Elliott remains in a holdout ahead of the last year of his contract. Dak Prescott’s extension talks haven’t been going great. Amari Cooper will be looking for a new deal sooner rather than later. They have some decisions to make, as beat writer Jon Machota outlined to The Big Lead; if they want to keep all three, they’ll have to make some tough choices throughout the rest of the roster.

Still, Jerry Jones doesn’t seem too concerned, as has been his public persona throughout the years. When asked how he was feeling about the contract negotiations for the most important players on his roster, the idiosyncratic owner presented an analogy that… well, I’ll let you decide which adjectives you’d like to attribute to his statement. To me, the best word is bizarre. Or off-kilter, if that suits your fancy.

The best I can figure is that he’s saying Elliott or Cooper or Prescott are limbs of the franchise, very important but not necessarily crucial to survival. One of them (Elliott) has been “severed off” but instead of panicking and trying to find help, Jones is waiting for help to come to him. I could also be completely missing the point.

I’m not even entirely sure there is a point. Jones has long enjoyed having some fun at the media’s expense with statements like these. He’s quite aware of how ridiculous it comes off. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if he decides to amputate the hand or glue it back on with millions of dollars.