Jerry Jones Has Fallen Hard for Mike McCarthy

Ryan Phillips
Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys
Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys / Elsa/Getty Images

Mike McCarthy was introduced as the new head coach of the Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday and Jerry Jones was clearly thrilled. Several times during the press conference, Jones appeared positively giddy while making some really odd statements about his new coach. Jerry has fallen hard for his new head coach.

At one point Jones claimed he told former head coach Jason Garrett he was set to meet with McCarthy. Garrett told Jones he wouldn't meet with anymore more special. Then Jones got weird. He claimed meeting McCarthy was like a marriage and, "I heard bells."

I don't care who you are, that's an unusual thing to say. I mean, right?

For his part, McCarthy got weird too. He claimed his wife thought he looked different after his time with Jones:

Jerry Jones and Mike McCarthy are clearly head over heels for each other. They are talking like two guys who have met their soulmates. Who knows if these crazy kids will work out long-term, but they are clearly really into each other right now.

McCarthy has been out of football for a year, following 13 seasons as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. During his time with the Pack he went 125-77-2 (.618), reached the postseason nine times, won six NFC North titles and led them to a Super Bowl XLV championship.

McCarthy has a track record of success and should a solid hire for the Cowboys. The question is how long the honeymoon will last with Jones if things don't go well early on.