Jerry Jones Apparently Gave Clarence Thomas a Super Bowl Ring

Alex Wong/GettyImages

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas enjoys tremendous job security and, along with the other eight bigwigs on the counsel, an ability to shape the direction of American life for generations to come. And then there's the freebies. The type of swag Michael Scott could only dream of getting his grubby little paws. The generosity shown to Thomas has been the subject of many recent articles and the latest from the New York Times casually drops the most interesting nugget of all.

Apparently Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gifted Thomas a Super Bowl ring. He's also flown on Jones’s private jet, attended training camp practices, and spread out in Jones' private suite while America's Team was in America's capital.

It sounds like Thomas, as is his Constitutional right, is a bit of a sports polygamist and also enjoyed a nice friendship with Wayne Huizenga, who owned the Miami Dolphins. Ethicists may disagree on the major issue here, but we feel it's perfectly fine to root for one team in the AFC and one in the NFC because there's always tomorrow unless they meet in the Super Bowl. Rarely, if ever, does a conflict of interest arise.

So what's the big deal?

We've been blogging long enough to remember when the revelation that Vladimir Putin essentially helped himself to one of Robert Kraft's Super Bowl rings won with the New England Patriots. At this point it must be embarassing for a very powerful person not to have one since they are so freely given.