Cowboys Unveil AI Hologram of Jerry Jones No One Asked For

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp
Dallas Cowboys Training Camp / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

On Thursday, just before the 2023 NFL season kicked off, the Dallas Cowboys unveiled a new feature at AT&T Stadium. It's an AI hologram of Jerry Jones that fans can talk to and get answers from. So basically, a very expensive feature precisely no one was looking for.

Check it out:

Is it me, or is this wildly creepy? It's a tie-in add for AT&T that features a small version of the Cowboys owner answering questions about his life.

I love how in that video everyone in the room is paying close attention to what fake Jerry is saying. As if he's imparting some serious wisdom. Fantastic acting by everyone involve by pretending to care.

What would you ask AI Jerry Jones if you had a chance? Maybe why he let Jimmy Johnson walk away? Why he's obsessed with Ezekiel Elliott? Will he ever step down as Cowboys general manager and let someone else run the team?

That's the kind of stuff I'd want to know.