Jerry Jeudy Goes Berserk And Bumps Into Official During Chiefs-Broncos

Jerry Jeudy
Jerry Jeudy /

The Kansas City Chiefs jumped out to a quick multi-touchdown lead against the Denver Broncos and everyone pretty much assumed the game was over by the end of the first quarter. But the Broncos showed some fight for the first time all season and fought back, going into halftime down 27-14. Jerry Jeudy was a large reason for this as he caught two first-half touchdown passes from Russell Wilson.

Jeudy also probably should've been kicked out of the game before he managed to score those touchdowns for the way he went absolutely berserk on an official. After an incomplete pass in the late second quarter that Jeudy clearly thought should've drawn a pass interference flag, he ripped his helmet off and yelled at the closest referee. At one point he bumped into the ref, a show of anger that almost always results in an ejection. Not this time, though.

Good for Jeudy for channeling that frustration into two touchdown catches in the final four minutes of the half, but he's got to keep it under control. His team desperately needs him. A lucky break that he didn't get tossed.