Jermichael Finley's Baby Mama Claims He Hasn't Paid Child Support, Then Goes Scorched Earth


Jermichael Finley had a rough Saturday night/Sunday morning, and I’m not even sure where to begin or how to try and explain this, so I’ll let his Baby Mama’s tweets tell the story. Backstory: Chelsie Bellisle, the woman whose tweets you’re about to read, had a baby with Finley. Here are the paternity court documents. Finley is a tight end on the Green Bay Packers and in February 2012, signed a 2-year, $14 million contract. He’s married to the very cute Courtney Finley.

The action begins sometime after midnight early Sunday morning, with Finley’s baby mama tweeting at Finley’s wife. Don’t ask me who “Jodi” is:

Oh, Jermichael. Clean up your act. Good luck with this one.