Jered Weaver Delivered an All-Time Death Stare After Getting Hit by Bottle in Postgame Interview


Jered Weaver threw a complete game shutout vs. the Astros Friday night. Normally you’d think he’d have been happy about it since he came into the game 0-4 wit an ERA over six. Instead it produced one of the most awkward on-field interviews you’ll ever see.

The interview started off normal and teammates attempted to douse him from behind with the water jug. After that they continued to pelt him with gum and someone threw a full water bottle into his chest. After that Weaver delivered a Kobe Bryant-level “death stare” and quickly wrapped things up.

Weaver’s apparent anger carried into the locker room, too. From the Los Angeles Times:

"Asked about the bottle, Weaver coldly replied, “baseball questions only.”"

Reminder: don’t get on Jered Weaver’s bad side.