Ken Jennings Laughs at 'Jeopardy!' Contestant's Ridiculous Answer


Jack Weller had a hell of a game on Jeopardy! Tuesday night. He dominated the competition, winning his second chance competition semifinal game. He also gave one of the worst answers in the program's history.

The category in the opening round was "Plurals That Don't End in S" which was pretty straightforward. The $400 answer was "Moose" and Weller rang in first and replied, "What are Meese," which sent host Ken Jennings -- and anyone watching -- laughing.

Check it out:

Oof. I guarantee he hasn't stopped beating himself up over that answer ever since. That said, it's a bit of a relatable moment. Fans on Twitter kind of loved it.

It was one of Weller's few missteps in the game, he finished with $26,500, nearly $20,000 ahead of his closest competition. He earned a spot in the Second Chance Tournament final.