Devout Cubs Fan and Impressive Hater Lloyd Was in His Bag on 'Jeopardy'


Lloyd Sy notched a nice victory on last night's episode of Jeopardy and he couldn't have done it without getting the correction question on the $1,2000 Bald Is Beautiful category. Though it was a question that clearly brought him great personal discomfort.

Ol' Ken Jennings showed a picture everyone in the world could identify as former St. Louis Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols and Sy had the quickest trigger finger. He also had a very unique response.

"Who is the wretched Albert Pujols," he asked. Which threw Jennings off a bit because he wasn't expecting to be this close to a bonafide, died-in-the-wool Chicago Cubs fan.

Good god, Lloyd. You didn't have to do it to 'em like that. But we're glad you did. A little game show is fleeting. Fandom is forever. Not capitalizing on an opportunity to spit out the name of one of your greatest rivals would have been a massive missed opportunity. Respect.