Jeopardy! Contestant Gives Two of the Worst Sports-Related Responses Ever

Would Texas cancel football for football?


Sharon Bishop, a high school Spanish teacher from Pawtucket, Rhode Island (who once sang backup for Barry Mainlow) was on Jeopardy! on Friday night. Sharon got off to a rough start on the very first clue of the game when host Ken Jennings said, "In 2014 Decatur, Texas rescheduled this holiday back to the 30th, as it conflicted with Friday Night High School Football." The answer was Halloween. Sharon's guess? "Football."

A few minutes later there was a clue about Sifan Hassan holding the "women's world record in this track event: 4 minutes, 12.33 seconds." Sharon's guess? "The 50-Yard Dash." An answer so far off Jennings had to joke about it.

Despite those missteps, Sharon was able to pull herself together and actually took the lead into Final Jeopardy! with $17,000. Unfortunately, she's not a Hunter S. Thompson fan either so she didn't know what Gonzo journalism was. .

Sharon ended up finishing second.