'Jeopardy!' Contestant Bursts Out Laughing After Misidentifying Scott Hamilton as Mary Lou Retton

1984 Winter Olympics Men's Figure Skating
1984 Winter Olympics Men's Figure Skating / David Madison/GettyImages

Thursday night's episode of Jeopardy! was won by Deb Bilodeau, a restaurant server from San Francisco. But her victory did not come easily and, in fact, contained one of the more hilarious all-time gaffes from a Jeopardy! winner.

The category was 40 Years Ago: 1984. Ken Jennings showed the contestants a picture of an American Olympic athlete and said this athlete "won gold with a four-and-a-half minute program featuring multiple triple jumps." Bilodeau was extremely quick on the draw and mashed that buzzer button to put forward her guess: Mary Lou Retton.

This was, of course, incorrect. After neither of Bilodeau's competitors ventured guesses of their own Jennings revealed that the Olympic athlete pictured was, in fact, a man by the name of Scott Hamilton. Not a woman named Mary Lou Retton. Bilodeau bust out laughing and apologized.

It was indeed a laughter-worthy mixup. Hamilton was the best figure skater in the world in the '80s, winning four straight world championships and a gold medal. Retton also won a gold medal, but was a gymnast. And, you know... a woman. Although you could see how Bilodeau might have gotten a bit over her skis after hearing "triple jumps" and seeing Hamilton's glorious head of hair.

The important thing is everybody had fun with the moment. It happens. And it was merely a speed bump en route to a victory.

Bilodeau will definitely never make that mistake again, that's for sure.