Jeopardy Champ / Med School Graduate Will Never Recover From Joba Chamberlain's Tommy John Surgery

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Jeopardy has yet another controversy on its hands. Again, it's because of something one of the new hosts said. This time it was Ken Jennings' turn as he is being accused of goading a player into a large wager on a Daily Double.

Alex Gordon, a 26-year-old med school graduate, was a two-time champion holding a lead when he hit the medical category "Stitch Incoming." Gordon got the first question, with Jenning saying, "Well done, doctor." The next answer was a Daily Double and Jennings said, "How confident are you in the medical category, Alex?" He was very confident and wagered $12,000 of his $15,000, which was such a large wager Jennings actually laughed.

So what happened next? Gordon, despite sharing the same name a former Royals All-Star, does not know baseball and did not know that Joba Chamberlain had Tommy John surgery.

Gordon guessed Joe DiMaggio, was wrong, dropped into third place, and was never able to recover. Rather than blame Gordon's hubris and overconfidence in his chosen field or his lack of sports knowledge, some fans are blaming Jennings. The incident has resulted in a Reddit thread as well as multiple blog posts, just like this one. The only thing we know for sure is that Alex Trebek would never.