Jeffery Simmons Got Away With a Late Hit On Lamar Jackson's Head

Kyle Koster

The Baltimore Ravens have looked like a sluggish and upset-prone team early on against the Tennessee Titans. Lamar Jackson is without Mark Ingram and facing a 14-point deficit. If he's to lead the No. 1 seed back to victory, the first step will be staying in the game.

That ability was tested by a late -- and uncalled hit -- by Jeffery Simmons.

Jackson immediately looked for a flag that never came. This hit, as well the one delivered by Jadeveon Clowney on Carson Wentz last week, would have earned targeting penalties and ejections in college.

They earned nothing in the NFL.

That's not to say either was dirty, but for a league preaching player safety with a deep focus on head shots to quarterbacks, it's surprising they went unpunished.