Jeff Van Gundy Rips Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins: "You Know Nothing About Basketball"


Earlier this week the Orlando Magic fired coach Stan Van Gundy. Thursday, Jeff Van Gundy went on Stephen A. Smith’s radio show to talk about the Magic unceremoniously dumping his brother. (Audio above) What transpired was a fairly epic rant about how bad Magic CEO Alex Martins is at his job and how little he knows about basketball.

Some choice quotes from JVG’s rant about Martins:

Listen, all you have done in your 25 years in the business is release press releases and run the business side. You don’t know if a ball is blown up or stuffed.

Just say, ‘I have no knowledge about basketball.'”

He doesn’t know one thing about basketball, so please hold off your comments on my brother’s expertise since you know nothing about basketball.”

Van Gundy also said what we are all thinking – that Dwight Howard is the one calling the shots. [740 The Game]