Jeff Saturday Loses His Mind Over Colts' Loss to Jaguars on 'Get Up'

Jeff Saturday
Jeff Saturday /

Week 18 brought the most brutal loss for any team in the entire 2021 NFL season in the form of the Jacksonville Jaguars defeating the Indianapolis Colts, 26-11. The Colts had the more Pro Bowlers on their roster than any other team and boasted a legitimate MVP candidate at running back. The Jaguars were running out the clock on a horrible season and were one week removed from losing by 40 points. All the Colts needed to do was beat the absolute worst team in football and they'd make the playoffs, where anything can happen. Obviously, they failed, missed the postseason, and now have eight months to stew.

It is, shall we say, a bad time to be a Colts fan. Which means it's a bad time to be Jeff Saturday, the unofficial representative for the team over at ESPN. Saturday, who spent most of his career at center for the Colts, spent a chunk of his time on Get Up this morning expressing his complete and utter disbelief that Indy failed that badly.

It truly was an epic collapse in every sense of the word. We will remember it for a long time. A good team needed to beat a bad team and they didn't. Not just a bad team, but the worst team, and not just a good team, but a team many had dubbed as one of the league's most-feared. Yet the Colts folded. Completely and utterly.

Saturday has every right to hammer his old team on television like this. The Colts would probably say the same. It is rare the sports world unilaterally agrees on something, but quite literally everyone believes this to be the worst loss of the season. The power of bad football.