Jeff Fisher Has Heard All Your Offensive Concerns Before, So Relax


Jeff Fisher knows that it’s just the preseason, and even the best offenses can struggle. So when he was asked about it this week, he let the local press know that the questions are getting old.

"When it comes to concerns over the Rams’ struggling offense, coach Jeff Fisher said he’s heard it all before. “Go back a year from now, two years from now, three years from now – you guys all asked me the same questions,” Fisher said Monday. “‘What’s up with your offense?’”"

Oh ye of little faith. Stop asking. After all they weren’t called the Greatest Show on Turf for nothing.  It’s too early to panic. The Rams’ offense has finished 25th, 21st, and 21st in scoring the last three years with Fisher in St. Louis (and 25th, 30th, and 28th in yards). He last had an offense that finished top 12 in points back in 2003 with Steve McNair. He’s had a decade of hearing about offensive concerns, but slow and steady and near .500 wins the race, and he’s not about to panic now.