Jeff Fisher Expertly Trolled Washington By Making All Six Active Players Acquired in RG3 Trade the Captains Today

By Jason Lisk

The St. Louis Rams and the Washington Redskins were involved in a pretty big trade a few years ago. Perhaps you have heard of it. St. Louis got a load of picks, and Washington got Robert Griffin III. Today, Griffin is of course on the bench in Washington, and St. Louis traveled to play them.

Jeff Fisher came up with the masterful troll move. According to Jim Thomas, he made the six players who are on the Rams active roster as a result of the RG3 trade the team captains for today’s game.

The Rams won 24-0, shutting out Washington on the same day there was a story that maybe Colt McCoy would be Jay Gruden’s franchise quarterback, so unfortunately, fans don’t even get a single topping for free in the D.C. area.

UPDATE: Even better, the official Washington Team Twitter account sent out the pre-game captain’s handshake–

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