Jeff Daniels Is All-In on the Detroit Lions, So What's Stopping You?

Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

Hard Knocks is doing what it was always going to do, which is make Dan Campbell a star and causing more and more people to wonder if perhaps the Detroit Lions are not cursed to toil in hell forever. It's just a television show and NFL bylaws preclude giving a cool-ass team free points to start games. So we should probably pump the brakes in expecting much of significance this year. Being a factor in the NFC North would mean the three other teams cratered and fell short of expectations.

On the other hand ... hell yeah let us long-suffering fans have the moment. Allow those scarred by decades of ineptitude enjoy something for once. Provide us the opportunity to wonder if we really have something here while drunk on pre-season optimism and celebrity endorsements. Give us the excitement of welcoming Jeff Daniels aboard the train.

Because he's all-in.

This is how it starts. Small at first but picking up steam until every Michiganian with a platform is using it to spread borderline reckless Lions propaganda. It won't be long now until Keegan-Michael Key and Tim Allen are lending their voices to the raucous fray.

Let us drift away and imagine that every game at Ford Field comes with a rejoin scanning the crowd for the high-profile entertainers. Make Detroit the center of the extremely likable celeb fan.

Smart move by Daniels to hop on early. Those of us who have been riding for months know that things are destined to get pretty crowded.