Jayson Tatum is Treating Kobe Bryant's ESPN Content Like LeBron James Treats "The Godfather"

Kyle Koster

LeBron James watched The Godfather, by his own estimation, at least six times during the 2016 NBA Playoffs. In all those viewings, he never picked a favorite scene, line, or, really, anything out to prove he’s actually seen the film once, let alone repeatedly.

James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are now down 2-0 to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. One has to assume a big part of that is because Jayson Tatum is watching something even more obsessively than James: Kobe Bryant’s latest Detail video for ESPN+.

ESPN was happy to report this because synergy.

"“I’ve probably watched [the ‘Detail’ video] like 25 times already. It’s very helpful information that I can take with me.” Tatum said the biggest thing that stuck with him is how Bryant noted how Tatum’s foot sometimes points toward the midcourt stripe during drive attempts from the corner instead of at the basket to promote a stronger angle of attack."

Twenty-five times since Game 2. That’s almost eight solid hours, which converts to 2.63 Godfathers. Impressive stuff.

Game 3 tips off in a few hours. James has yet to weigh in on his Mario Puzo-related content consumption during this series. If the Cavs win, we’ll know he’s been back in the lab, grinding. If not, we’ll know it’s because he hasn’t spent enough quality time with the Corleones.