Jaylon Smith's Tweet Could Cost Him Millions, According to Former NFL Physician


Former Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith is considered one of the top talents in this year’s NFL Draft. The All-American tore his ACL and LCL in the Fiesta Bowl on New Year’s Day and is hoping teams won’t be scared off by his injury.

A tweet designed to boost his draft stock may do the opposite and cost him millions of dollars.

Smith walking without his orginal brace is, on its face, good news. But a former NFL team physician notes that the recovering player is wearing a different brace — one that suggests a nerve issue.

Will Carroll of Fan Duel spoke to Dr. David Chao about the significance of such a brace and what an impact it could have on Smith come draft day.

Chao suggested it could be the difference between going on the first and third round.

"“It told me he had a nerve palsy,” he said. “I hope it’s temporary, but it could mean that he needs a ‘redshirt’ year. The early reports of no nerve damage were optimistic, so I hope he ends up okay.”"

We profiled Chao, who is no stranger to controversy, earlier this month. He charts all his predictions and claims to have a 94 percent success rate.

The difference here is that Chao isn’t predicting Smith’s injury, he’s stating that nerve damage would add another obstacle in the recovery process.

The takeaway here, as always, is to never tweet. Not even when you think it’s going to help you pad your wallet. All tweets are bad and will only end in heartache.