Jay-Z Confused David Wells for Curt Schilling at the SNL 40th Anniversary After Party


David Wells and Curt Schilling are both guys who pitched in the Majors during the 1990s and 2000s, although that’s probably where the similarities end. Wells, a hefty southpaw, made is his name with the 1998 Yankees, while Schilling, an outspoken, failed video game developer who threw righthanded, is remembered for his World Series rings with the Diamondbacks and Red Sox.

Anyways, Wells and former teammate David Cone were invited to the big Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary shindig in New York over the weekend. So was some dude named Derek Jeter. Apparently at the after party Jay-Z, a noted sports fan, owner, agent and man who’s written number songs extolling the virtues of the Big Apple, confused Wells with Schilling according to a tweet from Cone and backed up by Wells. Not only did he confuse them, he kept asking Wells about Schilling’s infamous bloody sock from Game 6 the 2004 ALCS between the Red Sox and Yankees.

Perhaps Jay Z was just trying to wind up Wells? Whatever the explanation, sounds like it was a fun after party.

Unrelated side note, although Wells is identified as a Yankee he spent 21 years in the Majors but only four of those seasons with New York.

If you care, here’s Schilling’s reaction to the story on Twitter.

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