Jay Williams Wonders How You Bring Back LeBron James When Austin Reaves is Ballin'

Orlando Magic v Los Angeles Lakers
Orlando Magic v Los Angeles Lakers / Allen Berezovsky/GettyImages

Austin Reaves has been playing well lately. With LeBron James out for an extended period of time and the Los Angeles Lakers fighting for a spot in the play-in tournament, Reaves has stepped up and is averaging 25 points and 13 free throws over the last four games. With Reaves clearly cooking, Jay Williams asked the question on everyone's mind right now... "How do you bring back LeBron?"

Here's the very real clip from the Keyshawn, JWill and Max Show.

"When you bring back LeBron in this short period how in the Hell is Austin Reaves supposed to continue to play at this level? The ball's in Austin Reaves hands a ton. You guys know the kind of lather, the kind of rhythym that you get when the ball is in your hand? You increase the amount of posessions, the volume of posessions. I feel way more comfortable with the rock now. When LeBron comes back and Austin Reaves has been ballin'. D-Lo has been ballin', right? But now you bring LeBron James back. Are you going to play LeBron James off the ball?"


LeBron has not played since February 26. The Lakers have gone 7-5 since then and currently sit in the 10th seed in the Western Conference with an overall record of 36-37. The last four games where Reaves has been cooking, the Lakers lost two of them. This is not exactly a fourth quarter run where the reserves are putting away the other team so the coach lets them finish the game. This is still very much a .500 team who could use a really good player in their lineup.

To even ask this question out loud is an indication that you should probably find another topic because the desperation to bring up LeBron James rather than discuss anything else is a problem.