If a Visor Counts as a Hat, Jay Norvell Is in Big Trouble

Loren Orr/GettyImages

The two major sports networks are thirsty as hell for Deion Sanders and spending a pretty penny to get their talent out to Boulder, where the annual Colorado-Colorado State tilt will take place on Saturday night. As a gift from the content gods, Rams coach Jay Norvell injected some more juice into a 23.5-point spread by taking a shot at Sanders on his coaching show.

"I don't care if they hear it in Boulder," he said. "I told them, I took my hat off, I took my glasses and I said when I talk to grownups I take my hat and my glasses off. That's what my mother taught me."

It's a line that would play well in a diner Fox News was visiting and earned robust clapping from at least one person mowing down apps at an American food establishment in Fort Collins.

Look, we are no fans of Sanders and the resulting media storm has been a bit rough. But come on, man. This is super lame. Of all the things to take Coach Prime to task over, looking like someone engaged in a particularly tense World of Series of Poker hand is way down the list.

Worse, a cursory search of the internet suggests Norvell has been wearing a visor during his media availability for a long time. While technically not a hat, a visor is a convertible for the head and has a brim that obscures the eyes which seems to be driving the complaint.

Colorado was likely going to throttle Colorado State before hat-sunglasses gate, so this doesn't really mean anything. It's juicy, but that's good. Coaches should be encouraged to say more stuff and not be droll and robot-like. Although, have you ever seen a robot wearing a hat or sunglasses?

Makes you think.