Jay Mohr Once Told Elaborate Story About Chris Farley Pooping Out a Window at 30 Rock


This Jay Mohr story about Chris Farley has been floating around since at least 2011, but I just came across it for the first time today and reckoned it was worth passing along.

As Mohr tells it (beginning around the 1:40-mark), he and Dave Attell were struggling mightily with writer’s block during their time on SNL, when Chris Farley came into their room. Eventually, Mohr says he offered Farley $100 to take a dump out the window of 30 Rock. Farley obliged, the details of the physics behind the pooping were quite intimate, and then he allegedly wiped his butt with his hands and started chasing Mohr and Attell down the hallway threatening to smear them.

According to Jim Miller and Tom Shales’ SNL book, this went down on the 17th floor of the building. The way that Mohr tells the story, you can one-thousand percent envision it going down in your head as a sketch. Farley remains sorely missed.