Jay Gruden Weighs In On Colin Kaepernick Situation, 'We Will Stand Up And Give Respect'


Jay Gruden doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to demure when he is asked about a controversial topic, so it wasn’t surprising Washington’s head football coach weighed in on the Colin Kaepernick situation.

On Monday Gruden responded to Kaepernick opting to sit during the national anthem and claimed that his team would “stand up and give respect” during the song and cited the team’s relationship with the military.

Here’s Gruden’s full statement:

“I haven’t talked to the players about it yet. We are going to have a team meeting tomorrow and we might bring it up then, but for the most part, we haven’t had that issue here. We take very much pride in our relationship with the military. We went to Andrews Air Force base the other day and everybody that was there stayed after, signed some autographs. We have a ton of respect for what goes on for our country with those people. For three minutes for us to take our helmet off and stand up and give respect is how we treat it here with the Redskins”

The irony of Washington’s head football coach discussing the need to honor a group of people as the reason for doing something is so thick I don’t even want to begin to sawing at it. Let’s just say Gruden clearly doesn’t see it. There’s nothing wrong with his stance, it’s just ironic considering the name of his football team and the history behind it.