Jay Gruden Just Blew Up Dan Snyder's Spot About Kirk Cousins

Daniel Snyder and Jay Gruden during a time when they worked together.
Daniel Snyder and Jay Gruden during a time when they worked together. / Larry French/GettyImages

There's certainly no love lost between Jay Gruden and Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder. After all, the latter fired the former five games into his sixth season as head coach of the team. So yeah, I don't see Gruden inviting Snyder over for afternoon tea, and vice versa.

I also didn't see Gruden throwing his former boss under the bus, but here we are.

Making an appearance on the Kevin Sheehan Show, Gruden put the blame on Snyder and then Washington GM Bruce Allen for the Kirk Cousins debacle. He said Washington could have gotten a major haul in a trade for Cousins. Instead they wound up with nothing. That, according to Gruden, was the fault of Snyder and Allen.

For those who don't remember, Washington applied the franchise tag twice on Cousins before he left the franchise for Minnesota in free agency. Washington received no compensation for Cousins' exit and he remains the only quarterback to play two seasons under the franchise tag.

The decision by Snyder and Allen to not trade Cousins came back to haunt them. After Cousins left in 2017, Washington gave up a third-round pick and Kendall Fuller to bring in Alex Smith as his replacement. After he suffered a devastating injury, Washington drafted Dwayne Haskins and started a hodgepodge of signal callers under center. Worse still, they lost out on a ton of potential draft capital.

Clearly, Washington should have traded Cousins if it had no intention of signing him long term, which clearly it didn't. It's not like Cousins has lit up the league since leaving Washington, but he's been better than the rotating cast Washington has trotted out there. It still doesn't have a long-term option at starting quarterback, something that could have been rectified if they either drafted or traded for a starter using the picks they would have received for Cousins.