Jay Glazer Says Deshaun Watson Tried to Settle With All 22 Women For a Dolphins Trade

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The trade deadline has come and gone and Deshaun Watson is still a member of the Houston Texans. Despite the rumors, it always seemed insane to think that a team would actually trade for Watson considering his extensive legal troubles.

Yet many, including Jay Glazer, insist that the Miami Dolphins were deadly serious about getting a deal done. Tonight on the Thursday Night Football pregame show Glazer revealed that the Dolphins were prepared to meet the Texans huge pricetag for Watson on the condition that he settle all 22 women who are suing him. And Watson tried to do it. Here's the clip.

So Stephen Ross and the Dolphins were actually prepared to part with three first round draft picks, two second round draft picks and maybe a player. The Dolphins must have really wanted Watson since it sounds like they were willing to outbid the Carolina Panthers by about five draft picks.

Then there's the part about Watson trying to settle. And the opposing lawyer apparently didn't go for it? This seems like the kind of news that requires a lot of details. Are negotiations ongoing? Did Watson really wait until the last minute to try and settle with 22 women? When did negotiations begin? What would a settlement mean for Watson in the eyes of the NFL?

Will he be traded to the Dolphins during the offseason or will another team that now knows the price get involved? The clock is now ticking for Watson to get something done in time for training camp.