Jay Cutler is Now Good at Oral Sex Because He Read a GQ Article

By Jason Lisk

Jay Cutler continues his turn as reality TV star, and in the process proves he might care about something. He also has given us a new angle to “Smoking Jay Cutler.” The Ringer has the breakdown of the latest episode of “Very Cavallari” and we found out that Cutler reads GQ.

"“The sex is the best it’s ever been,” Kristin tells her L.A. friend over delivery sushi. “He apparently read some article on GQ about how to go down on a girl … It’s been a game changer.” She then adds, “Yeah, like every time,” without being prompted in any manner, just so we all know the frequency with which Jay Cutler performs oral sex."

Jay Cutler has finally found his niche as a game changer. Here’s the article that Jay used to change the game, if any future young quarterbacks are out there in need of some training.