Javaris Crittenton Wanted to "Beat the Sh!t" Out of the Prosecutor in His Murder Case, So Now He's Got a Curfew and an Ankle Monitor

By Jason McIntyre

Javaris Crittenton, the former NBA player/Crips gangbanger who will be going on trial for murder, allegedly made threats to the prosecutor in his case, and so now he has a curfew and an ankle monitor. The judge made this ruling after hearing the recording of a jailhouse phone call in which Crittenton said he “wanted to beat the shit out of the [district attorney]” following this encounter:

"According to prosecutors, while leaving a Sept. 19 bond hearing for his cousin and co-defendant Douglas Gamble – one in which Gamble failed to have his bond reduced from $230,000 – Crittenton followed and intimidated Gabe Banks, the assistant Fulton County district attorney prosecuting the murder trial. “He was walking at a heightened pace,” Banks said in the emergency hearing. “At some point, he approached me, squared up on me, looked me up and down. He was no more than five or six feet away from me.” Standing between Banks and Crittenton was Fulton County District Attorney’s Office Investigator Richard Randolph, a member of the agency’s gang unit who had been investigating Crittenton since last year. “He was making a beeline to Mr. Banks,” Randolph said of Crittenton. “Even though I was standing between them, his gaze didn’t leave Gabe. He stopped, but he never took his eyes off Attorney Gabe Banks.”"

Brilliant move, Crittenton. His career highlights are now as follows: 1st round draft pick (by the Lakers), gun showdown in the Washington locker room with Gilbert Arenas, stupid enough to threaten the prosecutor in his murder case. [via AJC]