Jason Witten Impressed by Aaron Rodgers Pulling Another Rabbit Out of His Head


Aaron Rodgers authored another improbable comeback at Lambeau Field. The Green Bay Packers would be so lost without him. He is and has always been appointment television but now viewers know not to turn him off until the clock strikes 0:00. Somewhere along the line he tuned into Adam-West-era Batman, putting himself in precarious positions only to wiggle out with cunning, guile, and a certain set of skills.

He just keeps pulling rabbits out of his, uh, head, according to ESPN’s Jason Witten.

Never heard that one before. Or this one, from earlier in the game.

Now, Witten hasn’t exactly drawn universal rave reviews during his rookie year as Monday Night Football analyst, but in a way he brings a certain level of Rodgers-like entertainment to the table. There’s no telling what he’ll say next, especially if it includes an idiom.

Plus, he has the ability to laugh at himself, which is a plus.

There is an argument to made that pulling a rabbit out of one’s head is a far better trick than out of some dumb hat. The Magicians’ Alliance should get right on it.