Jason Whitlock Doesn't Think Canadian Athletes "Want it as much" as European and American Athletes

Stephen Douglas

Jason Whitlock has been known to say some controversial things during his career. And he has never shied away from speaking frankly about race. Still, his latest comments about a sports minority group may surprise you. Whitlock was on Keith Olbermann’s talk show last night and the conversation turned to Andrew Wiggins.

Transcription via Awful Announcing:

"Andrew Wiggins is from Canada, and Canadian athletes (I think, among NBA players and NBA people) perhaps don’t want it as much as even some of the Europeans and certainly the American players."

Olbermann brought the conversation back to Canada later, presumably attempting to give Whitlock an opportunity to save face.

Instead, Whitlock expounded on the idea that “NBA people” had lingering questions about the overall work ethics of Canadian athletes. He also professed admiration for Canada, but still, when was the last time you heard an ugly Canadian stereotype?

It’s certainly a new controversial stance. Even if this is true, I can’t imagine anyone will come out and corroborate that the NBA is biased against Canadians, especially considering the last two #1 picks were Canadians and Steve Nash won two MVP’s less than 10 years ago.

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