Jason Garrett Has Always and Will Always Be On the Hot Seat

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints / Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys played a bunch of scrubs en route to a 3-0 record. Then the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers exposed some obvious weaknesses in the form of consecutive losses. Breezing to a division title won't be the cakewalk it appeared to be a few weeks ago and that realization has allowed one of the longest-running debates in sports to crop up once again.

Just how hot is coach Jason Garrett's seat? The Dan Patrick Show gang went deep on the topic this morning in the wake of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones assuring the masses any in-season move isn't in the cards.

As Patrick pointed out, Jones could end all speculation by extending Garrett. In the past, the deep-pocketed owner has shown a propensity to give his clapping enthusiast of a sideline manager more time. Even with the relative underachieving.

The Cowboys have Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, and Amari Cooper at their disposal. Their roster is in the best-case scenario many fans didn't believe they'd ever get to experience. So pressure is high for some meaningful wins.

Surely Jones has some idea what Garrett must do with this team in order to garner another year. Whether that's winning the division, winning a playoff game, or reaching the conference title tilt, only one person knows. Jones is smart to downplay any drama and push it off as a future problem.

What we should all realize about Garrett, though, is that he's perfectly happy on any warm seat. Hell, his entire Dallas existence has been built upon one. It'd almost be uncomfortable and foreign if he were afforded long-term security.

Garrett, like Bane, was born into this. Whereas other coaches must acclimate to the turning dial, he simply goes about his business, barely noticing. This is his forever status quo, his resting homeostasis.