Jared Lorenzen, Surprisingly, Isn't Worried About How Much Jameis Winston Weighs

By Mike Cardillo

In the last couple weeks leading up to the NFL draft there’s been countess talk about whether or not Jameis Winston is fat. Riveting stuff, even by Internet sports debate standards.

One person who knows how to play quarterback at a professional level while actually overweight is ex-Kentucky standout Jared Lorenzen. The Hefty Lefty appeared on Damon Amendolara’s radio show on Wendesday night to talk about Winston’s weight, among other topics. Lorenzen, who tipped the scales at over 300 pounds during his playing days with the Giants, didn’t seem too concerned about however Winston looks with his shirt off on a football field.

Quarterbacks are different than most other players and Lorenzen thinks the extra weight on Winston’s frame might be helpful.

"“You’re not outrunning people,” Lorenzen said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “You still got to have your quick feet. You still got to have your mobility, quick arm release, all that. But I don’t think being big at the quarterback position is a bad thing. I was talking to some people earlier: Name me the last big quarterback that got hurt. You look around the league, all these skinny guys that can run around – RG3 – all these guys are always hurt. The big guys are used to it. We can take the pounding. We can take what it’s like to play 16 to 20 games a season.””"

Lorenzen, no suprise, didn’t think Winston’s weight or appearance is going to matter much.

"“Everybody goes back to the famous picture of Tom Brady when they saw him (when he was a sixth-rounder),” Lorenzen said. “By no means is (Winston) going to be Tom Brady, but by no means is he JaMarcus Russell, either. He’s not me. He doesn’t look that big. He’s just a big guy. If I had any advice to give to him, I would say everybody that’s talking right now, just block it out unless it’s your agent or the Tampa Bay Bucs – because that’s all that matters right now.”"

Lorenzen also dropped some sad news, particularly for our former colleague Tim Ryan: he’s retired from playing indoor football.

"“I think when you’re 12-year old daughter and 5-year old son are taking care of you because you got hurt playing indoor football, that’s the final straw.”"

Long may you run, or not run, kind sir.

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