Shotgun Snap Bounces Off Jared Goff's Thigh, Gets Intercepted By Defensive Lineman


The Detroit Lions season is not getting the results that first year coach Dan Campbell could have been hoping for. After starting 0-3 they faced division rival Chicago in week four. Their first drive of the game ended with one of the weirdest turnovers in NFL history. As Jared Goff stepped towards the line to make an adjustment, center Frank Ragnow snapped the ball, catching Goff by surprise. The ball bounced off Goff's midsection hard enough that it flew over the offensive line and into the arms of Bears defensive tackle Bilal Nichols.

The official ruling is that this was a fumble, but the ball got to the quarterback and was caught before it hit the ground so that's an interception in my book. In fact, it came dangerously close to bouncing off Goff's crotch area, which technically makes it a... d-ck pick. Sorry. If we have a butt fumble, why not a d-ck pick? It's certainly obscene.

Whatever it was, the Bears scored pretty quickly following the turnover.