Jared Goff Was Done in L.A. After Sean McVay Got a Taste of 'Baby Brees' John Wolford

Sean McVay is a big John Wolford fan according to an ESPN report.
Sean McVay is a big John Wolford fan according to an ESPN report. / Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

ESPN has published a story by Lindsey Thiry today about the demise of the Sean McVay - Jared Goff relationship that ended with the quarterback being traded to the Detroit Lions. It's mostly unremarkable as it seemed to boil down to McVay growing increasingly frustrated with Goff not playing well after their Super Bowl trip. While the separation was probably inevitable no matter what happened at the end of the 2020 season, the portion of the story that mentions John Wolford is downright amazing.

As McVany grew tired of Goff, he really wanted to start Wolford, but couldn't because Goff was the highly-paid starter. Or, as one "team source" put it, "He didn't have the balls to sit Jared."

When Goff got injured, it allowed McVay to do what he was too afraid to do and start Wolford. This was bad news for the incumbent. A team source said, "The worst thing for Jared is that [McVay] got a taste of John Wolford."

So basically, the end of the Goff era in Los Angeles came down to Sean McVay getting a taste and not even needing balls. As good as that is, have you heard about how hard this Wolford guy works? Yeah, Goff does all the normal stuff, but you won't believe how early Wolford gets to work. Pure Football Guy porn. Via ESPN:

"With a hired nutritionist, throwing coach and personal trainer outside of the Rams' facility, Goff put in the work required of most starting NFL quarterbacks. But when compared to Wolford, who some refer to as Baby Brees, it fell short. Wolford arrived early during the week for practices -- 6:30 a.m. -- and stayed late, even when he was on the practice squad. "Just a different animal," a league source said. "He's addicted like McVay," a team source said."

As good as Matthew Stafford is, it's hard to believe that the Rams are just going to move past Baby Brees and his incredible work ethic after McVay's taste a couple months ago. Perhaps the Rams have a quarterback controversy and no one but Sean McVay knows it yet. We'll see who chokes on greatness last.