Jared Goff Confronts Ryan Fitzpatrick Over 'Poor Man's Matt Ryan' Comment


The Detroit Lions torched the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field last night to assume control of the NFC North. They now sit at 3-1 and appear to be serious contenders for one of the top seeds in the conference and — to hear some of the bold claims made around my duplex last night — might just mess around and secure homefield advantage for the whole damn thing. And maybe that doesn't matter considering how a horde of Honolulu blue fans took over the frozen tundra last night and made it their own.

Jared Goff was once again entirely competent running Ben Johnson's offense, completing 19 of 28 passes for 210 yards and a touchdown to complement a formidable rushing attack. This came after a pregame interview package with Andrew Whitworth that caused Amazon's Ryan Fitzpatrick to liken Goff to a poor man's Matt Ryan. So when given the opportunity to respond during a postgame visit to the crowded set, Goff capitalized.

“Hope it’s up to your standards,” Goff said to Fitzpatrick. “I didn’t know I was a poor man’s anything, but it’s okay.” This drew an incredible round of exaggerated oooohs and ahhs before Goff, a nice guy, said he has a lot of respect for Matt Ryan and appreciates Fitzpatrick.

The thing about Goff is that there are no sexy thinkpieces or takes to build around his markedly professional performances. What is a person going to do — claim he's a top-six quarterback in the league or something? What is a person going to do — say he's good enough to take a team to the Super Bowl? He's already done that. Matt Ryan already did that.

Oh, man. Maybe Fitzpatrick is right. But what does that make him? A poor man's Jared Goff?