Jared Dudley Says Adam Morrison Smelled So Bad that "He Should Be Ashamed of Himself"


Washington Wizards small forward Jared Dudley went on the Grant and Danny Show on 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C. on Monday morning, and when the hosts started grilling Jared with random questions about weird experiences with former teammates, they eventually got to asking who “the worst dressed, most disgusting teammate he had” was…

Dudley’s response:

Adam Morrison. Remember Adam Morrison? He never took showers, he did the chewing tobacco that he spit all the time, and he wore the same three polos the whole year. This is a guy who made a lot of money, too, at that time. He was the face of diabetes, he was doing everything, he was on the cover of college games, he was [everywhere], and he was by far the worst and [most] disgusting.

Color me SHOCKED that this man doesn’t have good personal hygiene.

When asked if Morrison hadn’t been playing major minutes, would this have been an issue at all? Dudley responded:

“He was playing when I was there, that’s the thing, he was playing … He then tore his ACL, that’s when he didn’t play, but he was playing when I was there. He was playing like 30 minutes a game. Gerald Wallace had to force him to take a shower one time. Had to force him. Imagine that. Imagine forcing a grown man to take a shower. He should be ashamed of himself.”

Damn. Those are kinda harsh words, no? He must have REALLY stunk.

Let this be a lesson, kids, no matter what you do — don’t ever … EVER be the smelly dude. It’s a title you’ll never be able to wash off.

P.S. Hey Jared Dudley, who exactly do you think you are? He may reek but that’s because he has to carry a giant gold trophy around with him everywhere he goes. You wouldn’t know anything about that, loser.