James Harden is Struggling, So Now He Doesn't Care About Winning

James Harden during the Rockets' fourth consecutive loss.
James Harden during the Rockets' fourth consecutive loss. / Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Houston Rockets lost their fourth consecutive game on Sunday, falling to the Orlando Magic and dropping to the sixth seed in the Western Conference. James Harden, the NBA's leading scorer, struggled for the fifth straight game, making only 6 of 19 field goal attempts. Including the last Rockets win on February 29th, Harden has made only 12 of his last 59 three point attempts.

Two weeks ago everyone forced to bite their tongues and begrudgingly compliment the Rockets winning with a small lineup. Now with their season seeming completely lost, people are happy to call out the former MVP. Here are retired basketball guys Kendrick Perkins and Channing Frye teaming up on Harden.

Does Harden not seem particularly hungry because the ball isn't going through the basket right now, or is the ball not going through the basket because Harden isn't particularly hungry right now?

Harden and the Rockets are struggling. That's a fact. You can blame Harden as their best player, but to put it on some completely intangible reason like he's not "hungry" is silly. This Rockets are a middle-of-the-pack playoff team. They have been all season, however their lineup looked. They're below the Bucks, Lakers and Clippers, but not in any danger of missing the playoffs.

If they win a series or two in the playoffs, nobody will be surprised that Harden is suddenly making winning plays again. The perception in sports that the team that scores the most points is the one that cared or wanted it more is so stupid and you would think guys who played would admit it. Sometimes the ball doesn't go through the hoop. Sometimes you're playing so well people wonder if you're the greatest scorer in NBA history. Expect Harden's winning ways to return as soon as the Rockets actually, you know, win again.