James Addiction

Stephen Douglas

LeBron James’ game has always been closer to Magic Johnson than Michael Jordan. LeBron is not just a good passer, he’s one of the best in the entire league. I’d venture its the best part of his game if you don’t count barreling down the lane like a runaway tank. LeBron will be more than happy to share the ball and win. That’s why he went to Miami. How much of a hit will his legacy take if he takes less shots and distributes the ball like he’s capable of? He could lead the league in assists.

Of course, some people are saying that all you need to do to stop this new Heat team is to pack the middle and dare them to shoot outside. That means you admit there’s a degree of difficulty. Many people still consider the Lakers’ the favorites to win the title. So you’re saying its not a lock? Some have even said that the Magic are still the best team in the East. So the Heat aren’t even assured of a 1-seed?

People keep talking out their asses saying that LeBron took the easy way out by going to Miami with Wade and Bosh, yet in the same breath say that this team can’t possibly win titles. Maybe Miami will implode because there are too many alpha dogs. If that’s not the reason, well you certainly can’t win a title without a James Posey or Derek Fisher or Bill Carwright. You need solid role players to contribute. There’s no money left for those types of players!

Those type of players should be lining up to play alongside LeBron and Wade.

I don’t think people downplayed Magic’s career because he played with a couple Hall of Famers. I seem to recall reading somewhere that Bill Russell and Larry Bird each teamed up with a couple guys that could have started in most cities. I can barely remember the first Bulls’ 3-peat, but were people complaining that Jordan took the easy way out by not demanding Pippen be traded? Scottie Pippen was one of the Top 50 players ever.

Yes, I realize that there were different circumstances for Magic and Larry and Bill and Michael. They all did it where they were drafted. (Kobe kind of did it where he was drafted. Of course, he had a couple pretty good big guys too…) Good for all those guys. They landed in situations that other good players eventually landed.

The Cavaliers never drafted or signed a legitimate second banana. LeBron got Dajuan Wagner, Darius Miles, Carlos Boozer, Drew Gooden, Flip Murray, Larry Hughes, Boobie Gibson, Wally Szczerbiak, Delonte West, Mo Williams, Antawn Jamison and the corpse of Shaq. The Cavs had 7 years to get somebody – anybody! – to come to Cleveland, but they couldn’t. Then the big free agent class came along this year and nobody wanted to join LeBron in Cleveland. Maybe its because the owner is a wacko.

Gilbert’s letter was amusing, but a little pathetic. He’s acting like a woman left at the alter. As a disgraced former commenter pointed out, what athlete would want to play for Dan Gilbert now? Even Kevin Durant, the nicest, most humble athlete alive, doesn’t agree with what Gilbert did. Gilbert basically sent out the message that he will do everything for you, BUT IF YOU “LEAVE” I WILL “”LITERALLY” BURN YOUR “POSTERS” TO THE GROUND!

Which brings me to Cavs’ fans. Get over it kids. Just because a woman was so unfortunate as to get knocked up down the road from Cleveland doesn’t mean her son needs to be forever beholden to your city. Believe me, its fun to watch you burn your own property, but you could just hang on to the jersey ironically. Kind of like that #2 Wagner jersey in the back of your closet.

If you’re one of the people bitching and moaning about “loyalty”… Just shut up. If Wade had come to Cleveland, no one is crying about his loyalty to Miami. Nobody in Cleveland gave a shit about loyalty when they were trying to steal Tom Izzo from Michigan State where he’s been coaching for nearly 30 years. Its hypocritical and sad. LeBron didn’t embarrass you or your city. You’re doing that yourself. Move on with your lives. You’ve still got the best punt returner in the NFL!

While we’re here – New York fans need to get over it too. Just because peopledon’t treat the Knicks like the Yankees doesn’t mean LeBron had to come to your city either. Boo-hoo. Not everyone in the world wants to come to New York. Its too crowded as it is.

As for ESPN, I’m not as down on their decision to have a special as everyone else. How was The Decision different than the NBA or NFL draft? It was just a player picking a team instead of the other way around. Of course, that doesn’t mean it didn’t make for 59 minutes and 52 seconds of boring, shitty television. I assumed there would be some sort of behind the scenes footage or SOMETHING. It was the same shit that they’d been doing for the last month.

It turned out to be an incredible farce. What was the point of doing it in a Boys and Girls club? And how much is a scholarship to the University of Phoenix? It was inexplicably dumb. Was it a conflict of interest to let LeBron use a news source like that? I guess, but if LeBron had just held a press conference they would have committed the same amount of coverage.

What will be special is watching the Heat play over the next few years. I’m excited to see LeBron play with some talented players. I look forward to a clash with the over-the-hill Celtics, the up-and-coming Bucks and the something-descriptive Magic on the way to a classic Finals match up with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and the Lakers on their way to a possible three-peat.

What no one seems to get is that they could be building one of the best teams of all-time in Miami. Its not going to be like comparing the recent Cavs teams to the 95-95 Bulls. With the right pieces – which will start to fall into place – this could be a dynasty. I’m really excited about seeing this team play next year. Hell, I’ll be rooting for them. Someone outside of Miami has to be cheering while everyone else complains every June.