Best Memes and Tweets From Jameis Winston's Putrid Day

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Naomi Baker/Getty Images

In case you weren't up early enough to watch or see the reaction on social media, Jameis Winston was horrific over in London against the Panthers. One of the NFL's most inconsistent quarterbacks thew five, yes, five, interceptions. And if that wasn't enough to drop the mic, he fumbled it twice (lost one of them). Oh, and he was sacked, well, seven times.

A performance like that only means one thing in 2019: you get roasted on the internet. Here are only a few of the best roast-jobs that took place:

It's never a good feeling to get blasted by the feisty internet users. However, sometimes it has to take place. And one of those times is today. This isn't to say Winston should never go online again. Just not until he makes up for this performance. Which may take the rest of his career.