Jameis Winston: Second Woman Sought Counseling After Sexual Encounter According to New York Times

Stephen Douglas

Jameis Winston’s rape case is the subject of a New York Times feature this morning. The report, which looks at all the facts of that night in 2012 and the errors in the investigation that followed, is long, thorough, and damning for Florida State and the Tallahassee Police. One of the new revelations in the piece is a story about a second woman who had an encounter with Jameis Winston. From the New York Times:

"A month before the rape accusation became public, the university’s victim advocate learned that a second woman had sought counseling after a sexual encounter with Mr. Winston, according to the prosecutor’s office. The woman did not call it rape — she did not say “no.” But the encounter, not previously reported, “was of such a nature that she felt violated or felt that she needed to seek some type of counseling for her emotions about the experience,” according to Georgia Cappleman, the chief assistant state attorney, who said she had spoken with the advocate but not with the woman."

Ms. Cappleman also said that a crime had not been committed, but also stated that it was troubling and “sheds some light on the way Mr. Winston operates” and on what may be “a recurring problem rather than some type of misunderstanding that occurred in an isolated situation.” David Cornwell, representing Winston, called those comments “out of bounds.”

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