Jameis Winston's Lawyer Posted the Accuser's Name On Twitter


David Cornwell, Jameis Winston’s attorney, has defended his client aggressively. Part of that defense strategy has been disparaging the accuser and her attorney. Part of that defense strategy has been venting to his more than 5,000 Twitter followers, including many prominent media members.

On Nov. 4, at 6:08 PM, that defense strategy included naming the accuser publicly on Twitter. The tweet is still on his page. We’re not linking to it. It presumably references Winston’s student disciplinary hearing at Florida State on Nov. 17th.

Per the Orlando Sentinel, Cornwell releasing the name of an accuser is not uncommon for him.

Media outlets and law enforcement do not publicize the name of the accuser in sexual assault cases. Subjecting the accuser to public scrutiny is a clear disincentive to go through with prosecution in sexual assault cases, especially on campus when the alleged assailant is a Heisman-winning quarterback. While the legal territory of Cornwell’s tweet may be murky, the moral dimension is clear: Cornwell’s act was reprehensible.

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